The Oosterpark is a large city park located in Amsterdam Oost. This open green space is filled with ponds and streams, a wading pool for children and plenty of walking paths. Considered Amsterdam’s most multicultural park, it draws a diverse local crowd and hosts a variety of festivals throughout the summer. There is also a 'speaker’s stone', where people speak their minds every Sunday at 13:00.
Beautiful Goose with Angel Wing drinking water in Oosterpark, Amsterdam
There is a geese family of 4 members in the Oosterpark in Amsterdam. 2 of them are suffering from Angel Wings (their wings bend outwards and cannot fly).



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"Pretty park but not much to see."
The Oosterpark is nice to walk through but there isn't a great deal to see and it feels a little rundown in parts. We passed through on the way from...
Written by MurrayTripp, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Not bad but..."
First of all, let's mention that this park is at the moment under a lot of refurbishing work. I loved the kiosk in the middle! There were people...
Written by Julie83600, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Nice park"
Nice quiet park near the zoo. Great to go to on a sunny day - makes a change from all the walking around!
Written by Trent B, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Great park, lots of locals and green space"
We took some nice strolls and rode our bikes through the park a few times. The first night there was free music in the park, we also saw yoga and fitness...
Written by chelseakicks7, 4 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Oosterpark (Easternpark)"
The name speaks itself. It's one of public parks in Amsterdam east. It's not a big park but it is nice park to visit. Once a year there is a...
Written by Solodam J, 4 years ago on Tripadvisor
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