Eastern Docklands  

The old seaport of Amsterdam, the Eastern Docklands, has changed very rapidly since housing projects were permitted at the end of the last century. Renowned architects, specialized in building along a waterfront, changed the old docks and port buildings into a modern residential area of Amsterdam.
KNSM island - Eastern Docklands of Amsterdam
Looking for broadcast footage? Don't shoot! Contact © The KNSM Island is located in the Eastern Docklands of Amsterdam.



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"New neighborhood"
In this part of town I visited Amsterdam ArenaA. Seen from the train this neighborhood looks like a modern one,with a lot of new buildings,with glass...
Written by zuv, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Unique very tranquil"
Javi eiland or KNSM Island is located in Amsterdam's Oostelijk havengebied (eastern docklands) and was named after the Royal Dutch Steam Company...
Written by clairehJ6731TH, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"History and present time"
This island is a heritage from our colonial past, when ships used to leave to Indonesia. It was only developed into a residential area 20 years ago,...
Written by Alfred V, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Great architecture"
This is a new area of the city of Amsterdam. It was constructed on a new island in the IJ, the big waterway that passes through the city. In this area,...
Written by Alfred V, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Old Harbour area with Modern Architecture"
We come to this area once a while. The SAIL Amsterdam 2015 takes place in and around this area. It became a new part of Amsterdam as you can find...
Written by Solodam J, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Joined Our Cruise Ship Here"
We joined our APT cruise ship here and noticed the many modern buildings across the water. It's a fine example of modern architecture but to be honest...
Written by Kevin F, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"A neighborhood that manages to be both new and old at the same time"
The reason for my title is that the apartment residences here are all new and beautiful on the inside, but the flavor of the old warehouses is still...
Written by LWL3333, 4 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Surrounded by modern architecture"
Surrounded by modern architecture but to the north of real Amsterdam. Other than the modern buildings it's pretty bland. You can get on and off your...
Written by Corneliusfudge, 4 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"We picked up our cruise ship here"
We began our cruise from here on our beautiful Avalon ship it was an amazing experience. The whole trip was memorable, the captains, the crew, the food...
Written by Sandra H, 4 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Very much worth paying a visit"
If you look for moder architecture and unusual shapes that is the place to pay the visit to. It's not a touristy area so you will also find quite...
Written by M W, 5 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Amsterdam modernity"
We enjoyed a leisurely evening stroll east along Piet Heinkade that begins adjacent to Central Station. It is in such contrast with central Amsterdam and...
Written by permia, 5 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Architecture and waterscapes of high quality"
I live in the Eastern Docklands and am still enjoying every minute there. Particularly Java & KNSM islands have been redeveloped with surprising and...
Written by Martijn t, 6 years ago on Tripadvisor
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