Delftware Shop Galleria D'Arte  

Old and New Delftware. Large collection of antiques Delft from the Royal Factory "De Porcelyene Fles".
Old and new Delftware
Across the canal from the Westerkerk, this official Delftware factory dealer sells everything from plates, tiles and vases to beautiful Christmas ornaments – the perfect souvenir.



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41 Delftware Shop Galleria D'Arte Reviews

"Jorrit Heinen Royal Delftware: Delftware at the Prinsengracht"
The Royal Delft shop sells the original Delftware porcelain made by the Delft factory.Also pottery made by the Tichelaar factory at Makkum is for...
Written by pieter_jan_v, 4 years ago on Virtualtourist
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"Delft Tulip Vase"
I always wanted to own an authentic Delftware piece, tin glazed. I decided to buy a tulip vase from one of the shops in the city that sells authentic...
Written by monica71, 7 years ago on Virtualtourist
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"Christmas Palace: Christmas Shop"
This tiny shop behind the flower market sells all kinds of Christmas decorations all year round from the traditional to the modern. There are delft...
Written by jo104, 7 years ago on Virtualtourist
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"The Christmas Palace: Christmas Shopping in Amsterdam"
If you feel the need to buy Christmas decorations or anything else associated with Christmas while you are in Amsterdam, this shop is the place to do it!...
Written by Mariajoy, 12 years ago on Virtualtourist
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"Galleria d'Arte Rinascimento: Old & New Delftware"
Like the blue ceramic delftware? This is the place to buy it. They sell new and old (antique) pieces.This is not your real souvenir delftware windmill...
Written by tompt, 14 years ago on Virtualtourist
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Delftware Shop Galleria D'Arte, Prinsengracht 170
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