The most important aspect of UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk is undoubtedly the unique collection of 19 authentic windmills, which are considered a Dutch icon throughout the entire world. A wonderful and unforgettable day trip in the Netherlands for the entire family!
HOLLAND: Kinderdijk -19 Dutch windmills [HD]
A network of 19 windmills was built around 1740 to drain the polder of Kinderdijk and surrounding polders. (Polders are areas of land below sea level that are ...



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"Windmills north of Amsterdam"
If you want to see traditional Dutch windmills there is a small group of them just north of Amsterdam and these are a better choice to make over the...
Written by Britannia2, 9 years ago on Virtualtourist
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There are not many working windmills left in Holland. Many of them have been converted to homes. This is a picture of one of the working one's.
Written by mvtouring, 15 years ago on Virtualtourist
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