Barney’s Coffeeshop  

Barney’s is located in a 500-year-old building and is one of the the most popular Amsterdam coffee shops on Haarlemmerstraat. Barney’s is the renowned winner of multiple “High Times Cup” awards. It is a good coffeeshop where they serve a decent breakfast, lunch and dinner as well. They have a friendly and knowledgeable service that’s made Barney’s famous among both travelers and locals.
The Weed Menu at Barneys Coffeeshop Amsterdam - Smokers Guide Flashback Clip
- This video is a clip from Cannabis Cup 2011 - Barneys Coffeeshop Amsterdam SGTV HD . Watch the full video here ...



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"Try the vaporiser"
Breakfast first, then the vaporiser. Nice!
Written by Owen, 3 years ago on TOP3.AMSTERDAM
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"Barneys: Good decent English Breakfast"
Good place for a english / irish breakfast and a spliff while you drink your tea (although havent been for awhile so maybe you cant smoke any more?). It...
Written by bitstorm, 6 years ago on Virtualtourist
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"Barney's Breakfast Bar: Get the Day Started Right at Barney's"
Barney's Breakfast Bar had decent food, for a decent price. This place is a restaurant / coffeeshop that can be crowded at times, but if you're looking...
Written by Nor_Cal_Brad, 12 years ago on Virtualtourist
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"Barney's: The Hash Palace"
This place is great due to the fact that you can have a nice breakfast and smoke your stuff while you are waiting for your meal to arrive to you. Then...
Written by RawdgerDodger, 12 years ago on Virtualtourist
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"Barneys breakfast bar and coffeeshop: good morning amsterdam!!!!"
The menu wasn't the biggest, but your in a coffeeshop expecting the best here is like wanting a filet mignon at burger king. i had the english breakfast...
Written by excitableone, 16 years ago on Virtualtourist
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"Barney's: Best Breakfast in All of Amsterdam"
I've undoubtedly visited Barney's more often than any other coffeeshop in Amsterdam. That's because I like to start the day with a good breakfast, several...
Written by ADV27, 16 years ago on Virtualtourist
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