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In the centre of the Red Light District you will find the most fun and surprising bar in erotic Amsterdam, the Bananenbar. Needless to say that the Banana plays a central roll in the entertainment and we are not talking cocktails here! The scarcely dressed waitresses who will make your heart beat faster, will make sure your glass is always filled up!
Bananenbar spruiker Amsterdam.
This guy tells you what's in store if you pay a small fortune to go into an underwhelming strip club in amsterdam's red light district.



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"Fun but not amazing"
Entrance 60 € for one hour - 100 mens in a small piece 7 girl for dance. If you want a show you have to pay more 100€. Positive stuff is the open bar...
Written by Mikeetfrancy, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Decent club but some unstable strippers"
Had a great time at the club, stunning dancers (in the normal strip club floor, not the show floor.) One of the strippers got very pissed off with my mate...
Written by Peter M, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Love it"
Birds lovely and young Lovely lesbian birds. over priced but any any good fun you have to pay. Security not the friendliest even though you are( customer)...
Written by Zane A, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Banana strip club next door worth a visit"
Next door to the Banana bar by the same owners is the banana club. 25 euro entry fee, including two drinks. This is good value I thought. You can sit,...
Written by Caroline52013, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Fun yes, sexy definitely not"
Entertaining? Motivating? Depressing? What other place of ill repute offers the allure of a 60E cover to watch prematurely middle-aged women each nachos...
Written by Sean C, 4 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Do not go here! Stripper tried to drug my drink!"
I went last week with a group of friends as we were over to watch a football match. One of the girls thought I was drunk and dropped a tablet in my drink....
Written by Shanemeh, 4 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Don't go!"
We paid 60 Euros each to go into a bar with some average girls sitting on the tables wearing bikinis doing nothing, the drinks were terrible and they...
Written by Marco P, 4 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"What a waist of time."
Went here on a stag do was really bad. Paid 60 euro each 7 of us and nothing happening in there wanted more money once in for shows ect. Bar staff where...
Written by markblundell197, 4 years ago on Tripadvisor
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My boyfriend and i paid €25 in each which included 2 free drinks per person. I asked for a glass of wine and it wasn't even filled half way. The...
Written by Clairefrances96, 4 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Best night ever."
Me and my girlfriend went for her 18th birthday. The manager was so accommodating and welcoming! We weren't made to feel pressured into paying for...
Written by FierceTom, 4 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Good times"
As soon as I seen €60 for an hour of as many drinks as I possible, my friends and I saw it as a challenge! Plus there was going to be naked girls...
Written by Mark K, 4 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Worst amsterdam experience ever"
We were 5 friends having fun (one of us is going on getting married the next week), so we choose this night bar for spending the night. we payed 60€...
Written by Warling, 5 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Avoid like the plague"
Was here in september 2014 for my bachelor party. Paid 60 euros with my buddies for the entrance to this overcrowded bar with 3 aggressive, unsexy, and...
Written by Fulviuus, 5 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Banana Bar: One you'll never forget!"
Well, the Bananabar is world famous - and after being there myself last night, i now know why!! After paying a 45 Euro cover charge (incl. beer for an...
Written by Bushman23, 11 years ago on Virtualtourist
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"Bananenbar: Sleazy as expected"
One of the more famous spots at the red light district. It works as follows: you negotiate with the bouncers outside on the admission fee (by 30 minutes...
Written by heryanta, 12 years ago on Virtualtourist
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"The Bananenbar: This is the way to go bananas on your night out :)"
In this city of sin as Amsterdam is called, you sometimes get low on energy. So to get some extra protein's and vitamins, there is only one thing left to...
Written by La_Holandesa, 12 years ago on Virtualtourist
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"Nightclubs: something with banana's"
SEE:CLUBS AMSTERDAM The most eccentric bar in Amsterdam is situated in the heart of the Red Light District. In a beautiful 18th century monumental house...
Written by VincentJJ, 12 years ago on Virtualtourist
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"Banana Bar and Escape: It kicks ass"
Nightlife in Amsterdam kicks ass...anything and everything goes on....THings you wouldnt imagine also goes on. Try Banana Bar on Dam Square and Escape....
Written by amazingclick, 16 years ago on Virtualtourist
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"The Banana Bar. (I only went..."
The Banana Bar. (I only went in because I went with work and thats where the bosses wanted to go and they were paying for the night - 6 men and 5 women...
Written by Brit_girl, 17 years ago on Virtualtourist
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