Amstel 54  

Formerly known as the Amstel Taveerne, this lively gay and lesbian bar close to Rembrandtplein got a full makeover in 2007, turning it into a modern video bar that has proved popular with a wide range of ages.
#6 Amsterdam Part 3- Drag Queen Performance at Amstel 54 - Candy's Drag Adventures
I had the honor to perform for the infamous Lady Galore in Amsterdam. She is one of the most successful Drag Queens in the Netherlands and asked me if I ...



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"Little Pub"
Nice little pub, friendly atmosphere! The bar is actually a gay bar, this did not put us off as a couple and i enjoyed the music ?
Written by Camacca, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Very nice Sunday evening"
I love Sunday Drag Shows during the evening ;))) it is fun (dit is leuk!) and the atmosphere is really good ;)) Saturday evening is nice too ;)))
Written by FENDER V, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Small, Crowded And Typically An Older Crowd"
Older Queens Hogging The Bar Area And Very Camp Atmosphere - Kylie And Madonna On Loop On The Music System, Price Of Drinks Bit Excessive But Typical...
Written by Celebgoss2014, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Great place to have a fun"
It was in November, cold evening, I was alone in this bar, sitting at the bar and was drinking. after two whisky the barmen gave me one more for free....
Written by Keti K, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"You will probably end up here"
We went here on a recommendation it was alright busy not packed suppose in the summer it would be busy, I don't think many locals drink here though it...
Written by DanKil81, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Drinks in a Nice area"
Must see area in amsterdam - The amstel. Has a big train station that connects to major destinations. also has great tram connectivity. walk along the...
Written by anurupa924, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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After spending my money for more than thirty years in this bar, I was refused entrance by a vague transvestite, a dark party of some kind of which was no...
Written by Peter d, 4 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Appalling Attitude"
Was there with a group of friends. A few were outside on the outdoor chairs until he owner came out and said one had to leave. The reason - the owner was...
Written by whatacircus, 4 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Such a good atmosphere! Loved it!"
We just finished dinner on Sunday night and were looking a nice place to have a drink. we were on our way to a different bar when we heard the noise...
Written by Ronchick7, 5 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"A very good bar for first drinks"
After not being in amsterdam for the last ten years my partner and i decided to have a drink in the bar on a thursday night. It was very cosy...good...
Written by jlmalaga, 5 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Smoking is not allowed in this fun and cool bar"
Reading a recent review I wanted to give the non-smokers and those who do not enjoy smoke smelling bars the good news - smoking is not allowed at all...
Written by Mehmet99, 5 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Good if you like smoking"
Was very surprised to fixing this bar unusually full of smokers. I am under the impression it wish illegal to smoke in bars in nederlands. However the bar...
Written by ptpete, 5 years ago on Tripadvisor
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