The Vondelbunker is an old bombshelter located in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. Under the bridge, crossed by many unsuspecting citizens and tourists, bands and DJ’s play, performances shown, movies screened, art exhibited, discussions held, and fundraisers cheered.
Frustration Friday - 24 oktober 2014 - Vondelbunker, Amsterdam
Registratie SOEPHOER feestje 24-10-2014, De Vondelbunker, Amsterdam. ...



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41 Vondelbunker Reviews

"Amazingly relaxed venue with good sound and sirprising programming. Entry always free of charge!"
The Vondelbunker is one of those rare treats not many tourists get to luck to experience. Hidden in the only bridge that crosses the Vondelpark, the...
Written by Onno Mattopé, 2 years ago on TOP3.AMSTERDAM
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