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This new Dutch chain has been racking up praise, particularly since opening in Glasgow in 2010. It started in Amsterdam, first as an airport hotel at Schiphol, then in the south of the city. Although a boutique hotel at heart (the fancy Vitra furnishings are a giveaway), the quality service, luxury bedding and budget prices make this a haven for everyone from backpackers to business travellers. Every room is identical, with a wall-to-wall bed against the window, and futuristic glass toilet and shower off to the side. All tech features, including ambient coloured lighting, are controlled via the Philips MoodPad. Party people may feel out of sorts in this residential area, but the centre is only a short tram or train ride away.
Checking in at CitizenM: affordable luxury in Amsterdam City
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"Innovative hotel"
Great location in Amsterdam South, very close to WTC. Check-in and Check-out computers, bar/kitchen very familiar and relaxed, liked it. Everything feels...
Written by Stephan J, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"An experience unlike other hotels, and better"
From the moment you arrive you seem to be entering a community of people living in a common space with shared facilities and yet a private agenda. At...
Written by ECraigMcKay, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Perfect Couples Getaway"
Checking into the hotel was super easy, especially since my boyfriend and I got in past original check in time. When we got there the staff was so...
Written by Sberardi, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Aamzing, funky and comfortable"
I have previously visited the Glasgow Citizen M and loved it, and i must say i loved the Amsterdam one even more! they are extremely similar however. Such...
Written by sarahpJ2285UH, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Unusual will not suit everyone"
The rooms at this hotel are what I would call capsules. The bed is huge and takes up about a third of the room, the whole width and going right up to the...
Written by Cornishkat, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Excellent place for work nomads"
There are many nice hotels in Amsterdam: cozy, romantic, business-oriented... what I really liked at citizenM is the international and modern feel: as a...
Written by DianaRusso, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Like a hotel designed by Apple!"
Stayed 4 nights. The do-it-yourself check-in was easy and a Citizen Ambassador (i.e. staff member) was there to cheerfully assist at the end of a long...
Written by Michael C, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Amazing hotel, great team"
An amazing hotel I would 100% recommend to anyone visiting Amsterdam. Not central but only a short tram, bike ride or walk away. Would definitely stay at...
Written by KBW85, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Good stay"
Great hotel in a nice area of amsterdam, 5 minute walk away from the zuid station. Staff friendly, free wifi and films, also with use of apple macs in...
Written by Oskar F, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Our favourite hotel in Amsterdam"
Another visit to Amsterdam and another opportunity to stay at our favourite hotel there. Very cool place to stay, lovely friendly staff and very relaxing....
Written by RnA31, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Wow Wow Wow"
This break was a last minute deal, due to family illness we could not fly to Budapest for my fathers 70th birthday so we took him to Amsterdam instead....
Written by asilnosbod2014, 3 years ago on Tripadvisor
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"Austere yet ultra-modern accommodation"
This hotel is superb on space management, even if for some its rooms may feel claustrophobic. Need explanation of how to use fixtures, shower and even...
Written by anzactwo, 6 years ago on Virtualtourist
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"Small but extremely modern and comfortable"
Pros: Extremely functional, clean, and modern. Easy walking distance (even with bags) to the airport.Automated checkin and checkoutHelpful staffCons: Very...
Written by ari1974, 6 years ago on Virtualtourist
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